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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Dasher Medium Gaming Mouse Pad

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Tt eSPORTS Dasher Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - Medium - Dimensions: 360 x 300 x 4 mm - Material: Cloth Weave Material - Base: Non-Slip Polyurethane - Colour: Black 


· Tt eSPORTS’s Speed-type mouse pads are incredibly smooth and flat
· A special non slip rubber base ensures that DASHER New Edition mouse pads will never slip as you game, even in the most intense of battles
· DASHER new edition mouse pads deliver excellent glide characteristics that offer total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control!
· These mouse pads were created with solid sewing edge of the mouse pad ensures long-term durability, preventing peeling or warping problem for you to move your mouse smoothly with consistency!

DASHER New Edition – Gaming Mouse Pads – the new 4 sizes (DASHER MINI SLIM, DASHER MEDIUM, DASHER LARGE and DASHER EXTENDED) of our smooth surfaced DASHER mouse pads give gamers an enhanced design for your mouse and different sizes to accommodate both low sensitivity and high sensitivity players!

TT eSPORTS Dasher Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - Medium - Desktop Overview 1

SKU # AC23234 | Model # MP-DSH-BLKSMS-02



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