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Thermaltake M300 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad

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Thermaltake M300 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad - Dimensions: 360 x 300 x 4 mm - Surface: Semi-Coarse Texture - Splash Proof Design - Non-Slip Base - GMP-TTP-BLKSMS-0


 A speed surface designed for effortless mouse movement.
· Splash-proof mouse pad surface.
· Optimized for all types of gaming mouse, laser or optical.
· Tracking responsiveness for consistent, reliable in-game control.
· Low friction and high performance, allowing precise movements.

M300 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad

The M300 Medium gaming mouse pad is designed for all types of mouse sensors and any play style. Constructed with a semi-coarse textured weave design, its smooth surface allows for effortless mouse movement. Solid sewing edge of the mouse pad ensures long-term durability, prevents peeling or any warping problems. Splash-proof surface for easy cleaning, and anti-slip design providing total in-game control.


Thermaltake M300 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad - Overview 1

SKU # AC30064 | Model # GMP-TTP-BLKSMS-01



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