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Bosch 6000 RFRC-STR Radion Reciever

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Bosch DSRF Receiver (RFRC-STR)

The RADION receiver ST is a wireless receiver that
connects RADION and DSRF wireless peripherals such
as motion and speciality detectors, keyfobs, panic
buttons, door/window contacts, repeaters and more
to supported Bosch and other compatible control
panels. Wiring connections are established through
the terminal block connection.
The receiver supports RF communication information
at 433.42 MHz carrier frequency and is equipped with
tamper detection, and detects and reports radio
frequency interference.
The receiver can be easily accessed and configured for
a compatible control panel using the address switch
on the back of the receiver housing. The receiver
address switch provides a single-digit setting for the
receiver’s mode selection, allowing for ease of

  • Dual internal antennas provide spatial and polar
    diversity for highly reliable RF signal reception
  • Cover and wall tamper detection
  • Multiple device and control panel supportive
    options as well as RF diagnostics ensure efficient
    and effective installation
  • Supports RADION repeater to increase wireless
    system coverage and reliability
  • External status LED
Dimensions139.70 mm x 209.60 mm x 31.80 mm
Wiring distance300 m (1000 ft)
Wire gauge0.65 mm (22 AWG) to 1.3 mm (16 AWG)
Tamper detectionTransmits a tamper switch signal when the unit is removed from its base, or the mounting surface.
Power Power/voltage12 VDC @ 100 mA
Frequency433.42 MHz
Environmental Considerations Operating Environment-10゚C to +55゚C Relative humidity: Up to 93% non-condensing
UseIntended for indoor use


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