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 COVID-19 UPDATE: Click HERE for latest news. Store is Open. Expect Delays. PLEASE SEE NEWS FOR DETAILS
It is very important that we keep you, our valued customers, informed of the best and most current advice as relates to your I.T. needs and our ability to service you whilst the world is experiencing an unprecedented interruption to our way of life, with changing conditions daily.

We expect timely delays of support moving forward.
Please be patient, if you cannot contact us via phone please email us at or call us on 0432 888 139 as it would be the preferred communication method moving forward.
Please do note that our team are working very hard to assist in busy and difficult times, some delays, complications and unsatisfactory time & delivery outcomes may occur.

Some shortages will occur in the coming weeks and months ahead as it becomes a struggle to obtain due to most suppliers in high demand.
If your business relies on critical I.T. support please do plan accordingly and without delay. Currently Stock of Monitors are beginning to run low.
We are now offering a delivery service for those who do not want to leave the house.
Please contact us for more info regarding this.

At this stage we remain ready and able to deliver the service you need and fulfill your retail requirements, however we are monitoring Government releases and restrictions closely, and do expect interruption to retail operations at some point in the future. Our store is a clean, safe environment and we are taking all possible measures to ensure the well being and safety of our customers and staff.

During this time of heightened awareness please be aware of a number of safety changes to protect both the customer and our staff. We will absolutely not take any risk with your or our health and safety, so please do work with us, together. Also generally be aware of retail staff interaction, touching products, personal distancing etc - we will take your lead when able and reasonable. Be aware of personal distancing at all times.
Stay safe during this unprecedented world event, we will continue to do our absolute best for our customers, and we ask for your understanding should any delays and issues arise.